Oak Lawn Cemetery

Oak Lawn Cemetery, located just west of Emmons on the Minnesota side of the State Line Road, was originally a pioneer cemetery.  Lime Creek Lutheran Church purchased the cemetery from the father of Martin and John Nelson around 1861.  The first record of a burial at Oak Lawn was that of a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Helge Emmons in 1863.

After the organization of Emmons Lutheran Church in 1902, Lime Creek deeded the cemetery to Emmons Lutheran Church.  A Cemetery Committee is charged with oversight, management, and perpetual care of the cemetery and provides an annual report to the Congregation.

Over the years, the Cemetery Committee has taken great interest in maintaining the cemetery, and ensuring its faithful care.  It has expanded in size over the years.

The flags that are placed at the cemetery on holidays have been given in memory of loved ones.

For more information about Oak Lawn Cemetery, please contact a member of the Cemetery Committee:  Jay Bidne, Larry Bidne, Bruce Epland, Lisa Epland, Howard Peterson, or Josh Rentz.

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