Mission Endowment

In 1993 and 1994 during the pastorate of Rev. Dennis Johnson, the Church Council and voters of Emmons Lutheran Church gave their support to establish the Mission Endowment Fund.  It is part of the Endowment Funds owned and operated by Emmons Lutheran Church for the benefit of supporting the mission and ministry of the congregation for years to come.

We wish to invite you to join us in supporting the Mission Endowment Fund as it helps to carry out the church’s central task, which is “to make disciples of all nations.” (Matthew 28:19)  The following questions and answers are intended to help members and friends of our congregation understand what endowment funds we have and how they are used.

Q:  What are the Emmons Lutheran Church Endowment Funds?

A:  Emmons Lutheran Church has two different types of Endowment Funds.  Designated Endowment Funds are endowment funds in which at the time of establishment, the donor has placed a specific stipulation on how earnings from the endowment fund are to be used.  An Undesignated Endowment Fund is an endowment in which there is no specific designation by the donor.

The church at the present time has two “designated” endowment funds.  The Bernt Loken Endowment Fund is to be used for world missions.  The Alfred & Mable Stene Endowment Fund is to be used for assisting with funding Pastor’s Continuing Education.  A minimum $2,000 gift is required in order for to establish a Designated Endowment Fund.

Our undesignated fund is the Mission Endowment Fund.  Any amount of donation is acceptable for the undesignated Mission Endowment Fund. The purpose of this undesignated fund is to enhance the Mission Outreach of Emmons Lutheran Church apart from the general operation and budget of the congregation.

Q:  When did the Mission Endowment program begin, and how long has it been in existence?

A:  At the January, 1993 Annual Meeting of Emmons Lutheran Church, the Mission Endowment Fund was begun with an amendment to the church bylaws.  The initial contribution for the fund came from the Bert and Cynthia Monson estate.

Q:  Is this fund different from our Gift & Memorial Fund? 

A:  Yes.  Monies received into the Gifts and Memorial fund are general memorials given to the church in memory of deceased loved ones.  These funds, unless given for a specific purpose, are “undesignated” and can be used to purchase various items for the church.  The Mission Endowment Fund invests the principal and spends only the interest.

Q:  Where is the Principal of the Mission Endowment Fund currently invested?

A:  Originally, the principal was invested in Mission Term certificates of our former church body, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).  After the congregation severed its relationship with the ELCA  and joined the North American Lutheran Church (NALC) in 2012, the Church Council in 2014 voted to remove each certificate of deposit from the ELCA fund upon its maturity date, and move them over to Thrivent Financial.  This process was completed in 2015.

Q:  Is the principal of the Mission Endowment Fund ever spent?

A:  No.  The principal is retained in investments.  Only the interest earned on the principal is ever used.

Q:  How is the interest earnings of the Mission Endowment Fund to be spent?

A:  The interest is to be spent according to the following guidelines:

25%  is to be used for capital improvements to the Church property, Debt Reduction, or Building Programs of Emmons Lutheran Church.

25% is to be used for scholarships to members of the Emmons Lutheran Church for Bible Camp, College, or Seminary

25% is to be used for community outreach to Lutheran colleges, seminaries, Bible Camps, etc.

25% to Lutheran Mission Efforts in the United States or around the world.

Q:  Who oversees the investment of the fund’s assets and distributions of the income?

A:  A five member Endowment Fund Committee, all voting members of Emmons Lutheran Church, oversees the fund.  The Pastor and one Trustee are ex-officio members of the Endowment Fund Committee.

Q:  What are some occasions or reasons for a person to give to the Mission Endowment Fund?

A:  There are several occasions a gift to the Mission Endowment fund can be given.  They include, but are not limited to:

-In memory of a deceased loved one

-The birth of a child or grandchild

-A birthday or anniversary

-A baptism, confirmation, or wedding

-In honor of a special friend

-Upon receiving an inheritance

-In gratitude for an answered prayer

Q:  What are some ways a person can give to the endowment fund?

A:  There are several ways a person can give to the endowment fund.

-A one time or annual gift

-Including the Endowment Fund in your will

-Designating the fund as one of your Life Insurance Beneficiaries

-Through a charitable remainder trust or gift annuity.

Q:  Where can I get more information?

A:  Contact the Church office, the Pastor, or one of the members of the Endowment Fund Committee.

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