2023 Mission Partners

Our Mission Partner for November is the Foster Care Clothing Trailer of Albert Lea, MN.

Our Mission Partner for October is the North American Lutheran Seminary.

  • Bolstered by an interdependent network of five campuses, the North American Lutheran Seminary (NALS) is part of God’s movement in this culture, time and place. Over the next decade, hundreds will be raised and formed in the Great Tradition of confessional and evangelical Lutheran Faith. The NALS is singularly focused on forming pastors and church leaders with an education that is shaped by Christian tradition and bound by the Holy Scriptures.
  • Upheld by world-class faculty, students have time and opportunity to reflect on the depth and beauty of their faith and be properly formed. The NALS has a commitment to truly cultivate the foundation and the deep roots necessary for tomorrow’s pastors and church leaders to be the stewards of classic, orthodox, biblical theology in preparation for Word and Sacrament ministry in the North American Lutheran Church (NALC).

Our Mission Partner for September is the Lutheran Military Veterans and Families Ministries.

  • LMVFM is a Christian non-profit (501c3) faith based ministry. We are dedicated to serving military veterans, military contractors and their families in need of care and assistance, regardless of their faith or religious affiliation. We offer resources, assistance and training to congregations and other care providers to assist veterans, military contractors and their family members. In order to keep Christ at the center of this mission, LMVFM does not solicit or accept government funding.
  • Mission 1 “Direct Care”
    • 1. Provide free counseling, general assessments, assistance with obtaining care and resources necessary to the veteran, their family members, as well as military contractors. LMVFM does not provide clients with financial resources, but we do assist our veterans with obtaining the resources they need.
    • 2. Unlike the VA who actively exclude many veterans who do not meet specific economically driven criteria, LMVFM serves any veteran who comes to us in need. If a person has served one or more days in uniform or as a member of the military contracting community, they as well as their family members are eligible for our care.
  • Mission 2 “Training and Assistance” for civilian caregivers
    • 1. We provide training programs for civilian care providers, therapists, counselors, clergy, and just about anyone that wants to be better equipped to work with veterans and their families.
    • 2. We provide members, congregations, groups and other supporters with the most current information on a wide range of issues that affect our military community members. Much of the information reported on by the press is grossly inaccurate and unfortunately driven by the political agenda which has found its way into the media “spin-cycle” of the DoD public affairs office.
    • 3. We assist congregations in the development of their mission outreach programs to veterans and their families.
    • 4. We provide resources to congregations and groups regarding various military issues.

Our Mission Partner for August was the Glenville-Emmons Backpack Program.

  • The Glenville-Emmons Backpack Program provides nutritious food support to students over the weekend.

Our Mission Partner for July was the NALC Disaster Response. We raised: $701

  • The NALC’s Disaster Response Coordinator administers the use of the fund, working cooperatively with and through local NALC congregations and members, as well as other compatible disaster relief organizations such as LCMS Disaster Response.
  • The Disaster Response Fund provides resources for:
    • respond rapidly when domestic natural disasters occur
    • alleviate human suffering
    • provide transitional assistance
    • enable those affected to begin the rebuilding process
  • Disaster Care Kits – Click Here for current packing list
    • Flood buckets, health kits, school kits, blankets, quilts, Bibles and gifts cards (Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart) are always needed. Include items decorated with a U.S. flag, patriotic or military symbols or references to the armed forces, religious symbols, messages or your group’s name. Add other items as God leads you.

Our Mission Partner for June was the Emmons Park & Rec Program. We raised: $538

  • The Summer Park and Rec Program will be here at Emmons Lutheran Church again. The mission of the program is to provide supervised and organized recreational activities for children in our community. The goals are to promote responsibility, respect, teamwork, and sportsmanship. These will help make the Summer Recreation Program a safe, positive, and productive experience for the children. We will begin on June 12th and ends on July 21st. 

Our Mission Partner for May was the Freeborn County Crime Victims Crisis Center (CVCC). (Raised $748)

  • CVCC provides support, resources and advocacy for victims of any crime, including domestic violence and sexual assault. They have 3 full time staff working with people most often from Freeborn County, but they also serve people for other counties in the state of MN or other states as needed. CVCC is a designee of the Department of Public Safety and Office of Justice Programs. Any donations are tracked separately from any grants from the Office of Justice.  There are donated funds that go directly to the clients immediate needs (food, housing expenses, gas money, security cameras for those with stalkers or abusers, car seats for children when the abuser has taken them away, utilities and rent if sustainable, as well as many other needs). Other funds and donations are used for staff development and training.

Our Mission Partner for April was Hope for Kids International. We raised: $608

Our Mission Partner for Ingham/Okoboji & Riverside Bible Camps. We raised: $585

Our Mission Partner for February was Lutheran Military Veterans and Families Ministries. We raised: $722

Our Mission Partner for Local Food Shelves: Lake Mills, IA and Albert Lea, MN. We raised: $527.50 each (total: $1,055)

2023 IA Mission District Youth Mission Trip – Port Charlotte, FL (July 23rd – 31st)

  • The Luther League will be heading to Port Charlotte< FL for mission efforts to relieve the hurricane victims in Florida.  Please keep our youth and adult leaders in your prayers as we prepare for this trip.

Past 2022 IA Mission District Youth Mission Trip – Grand Isle, LA

  • The Iowa Mission District Youth (including our youth: Emma A., Mikayla A., Hailey J., and Gabi S.) went down to Grand Isle, Louisiana, to aid in the disaster relief efforts of rebuilding people’s homes from last summer’s hurricane Ida. With great anticipation and enthusiasm, the youth and adults arrived on the scene, but the island was still ravaged by the effects of the hurricane over 11 months ago which gripped our hearts with sadness. We asked ourselves, “how can it be that is almost a year later and there are still buildings left in a pile of rubble and debris.” It was as if the hurricane had just happened the previous week. It was then that we knew that we were bringing so much more to these families than rebuilding their homes, we were bringing them hope.
  • The stories that were shared with us upon our arrival were captivating. Father Mark, the priest of Our Lady of the Isle Catholic Church, who hosted us for the week, shared with us the story of the Sanctuary being hit by hurricane Ida. First, the narthex roof ripped off the building allowing the wind and rain to ravage the inside of the Sanctuary. This pushed out the altar wall and shattered the stain-glassed window behind the crucifix into a million pieces. The wind pounded against the cross, banging it against the back wall, leaving visible markings. But all the while, the crucifix remained fully intact and unscathed, which still hung on to the chains from the ceiling in the wake after the storm. Father Mark said that “the cross was visible sign that God was still with them even in the midst of this storm.” There was hope. Working at each of the job sites over the course of the week brought forth challenges amongst themselves but the word that still rang throughout was hope. We were physically, emotionally, and spiritually, bringing them all hope. Hope for a better future, hope for a secure future that they can no longer worry about each daunting task that they barely had time to do. And as we shared our stories with each other, we wept with them as they shared their struggles with us.
  • It is all too often that we pay attention to a certain situation when the news media is covering the stories and headlines but what about when the media has packed up and headed home? It was 11 months ago that hurricane Ida made landfall, and some of the families were just getting the help that they so desperately needed. It reminds me of one of my favorite Scriptures: “But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:31) Yes, these families waited for a time, but they waited for the Lord to renew their strength. And my prayer is that we have brought them the hope that can only be found in Christ Jesus, our Lord.

Past 2021 GodSpeed Mission Trip

  • The Iowa Mission District partnered with God Speed Equine in Dallas Center, IA (close to Des Moines) to build a new corral because they outgrew their existing space. GodSpeed Equine is a Christ-centered character-building program that helps young Iowans grow and find hope through equine therapy. Equine therapy uses the connection between people and horses to enhance physical and emotional healing.
  • They provide hope, healing and opportunities for emotional growth to people of all ages using horses and the Love of Jesus.
  • Their vision is for youth to take ownership of truths in their lives by allowing horses to teach them how to be authentic, and present; how to seek open and honest communication with others; and how to take care of themselves by giving and receiving trust and respect.
  • A horse’s sensitivity to communicating without words provides transformational opportunities by offering honest, clear, and immediate feedback that lets you see what works, what doesn’t work, whose needs are being met, and how to take responsibility. They can teach us how to stay in the moment, manage our emotions, and improve self-awareness. This encourages healthier patterns of relating to others and strategies for dealing with the hurt and pain many of us carry in our lives.
Video of fence being put up on Saturday, August 28th, 2021.
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